Општи услови за користење на услугите на Promo Concept

  • Trgovski centar –Internet commerce system managed by the company Internet trgovija dooel and provides infrastructure for Promo Concept to sell their products and services to customers.

  • Customer – Any physical or legal person who appears in his role as a buyer of products and services from the Web stores that operate under Trgovski centar.

  • Merchant – Company that appears as owner of the web store that functions within Trgovski centar and sells its products and services via IT.

Scope of application

These general conditions govern the rules under which the sale of products and services takes place through Promo Concept that functions under Trgovski centar, the rules of selling that Promo Concept and the customers must respect, the commercial conditions and the infringement rules.

 Change of general terms

These conditions may be amended by us without prior consent of the merchant or the customer, especially if required by market conditions or positive legal regulations.
Amendments or changes to these terms and conditions will be made public and will be available in common and accessible way. The modified text of the General conditions will be available on the web site of Trgovski centar. 

Customer registration

As a BUYER of products and services from the web store could appear:
1. Any business capable individual, that has valid e-mail address and owns valid and eligible payment card.
2. Every enterprise that has a valid e-mail address and owns valid and eligible payment card.

With the registration as a customer and creating a profile, the physical person CUSTOMER confirms that: is at least 18 years old, the information that are provided during registration regarding Name and Surname and e-mail address used are valid in the time of registration and order processing.
With the registration as a customer and profile creation, the legal entity BUYER confirms that: is legally registered and exists under the laws of host country, the information provided during registration regarding to the name and e-mail address used are valid at the time of registration and processing of the order.
With the registration as a CUSTOMER, the buyer acknowledges that own the payment card used for payment of products and services and is valid and eligible for payment of products and services.
With the registration the CUSTOMER accepts to receive email promotions from Promo Concept, Trgovski centar and its partners. An opportunity to unsubscribe from the same will be provided.

Purchase of products and services

With the entry of personal data and payment card details and confirmation of order by the buyer the same will be processed and the transaction will be executed.
Having completed the order, the CUSTOMER will receive e-mail message containing confirmation that the order is successfully completed. The CUSTOMER could see details for the order on his account.
When conducting order the CUSTOMER realizes direct sales contract with Promo Concept and at the same time between them the legislation from that area applies.


Prices of products and services

The selling price is the final price per unit of a product or service or the given product amount, including value added tax and all other public duties.
The payment is always realized in denars. If the option to show prices in another currency is selected, the payment still remains in denars.


Product return

The CUSTOMER may return the product without citing his reason for such action within 7 working days from receipt of the product. In this case the amount paid will be refunded lessen by the original cost of delivery. 

The returned product and packaging must be 100% original undamaged condition. The cost for shipment of returned product back to Promo Concept is on account of the Customer.

Conditions for exercising Customer's rights: 

In order to realize the rights from these general terms the CUSTOMER is obliged to submit the following documents that were given upon product delivery as well as to kept the product undamaged and unused.

Communication between customer and Promo Concept

For all questions regarding products, delivery, complaint and guarantees the CUSTOMER should directly contact us through our contact page.

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