Сигурно купување

The transactions processing system of our webstore is conducted through Trgovski centar. 

Our company together with the team of Trgovski centar is fully committed to the overall security and confidentiality of its operations. Our top priority is to offer complete security for our customers while making payments and using their credit cards.

Purchase security at Trgovski centar is guaranteed through the implementation of the best technical solutions and processes:


The best partners for financial transactions

All payment transactions on Trgovski centar are performed with the support system of one of the largest Macedonian banks Stopanska banka enabled and supported by Casys-Cpay, credible company for card transactions. Together with our partners we are using the whole world experience in this area to facilitate maximum security and confidentiality.


Data storage

The only institution which comes into contact with your financial data (credit card number) is our trusted partner Stopanska Banka
Before entering credit card number you are redirected to a secure web page of the bankwhere the number is recorded and the transaction is confirmed. The data is stored in compliance with the highest bank criteria for secure operation.


Secure connection

Trgovski centar takes additional measures to protect the connection while making the transaction. All sensitive data is transmitted via a secure encrypted connection.


Fraud management

In order to provide the highest level of security for our customers, we released our system to protect against scams (Fraud management) following the example of the most respected companies in the area such as PayPal or Moneybookers.

Thus, our customers and dealers will enjoy double scam protection through the system of Trgovski centar and the system of Stopanska banka and Casys-Cpay.

Our system monitors suspicious parameters and takes measures to stop possible abuses. For additional security, automated system measures are supplemented by constant surveillance and measures of our employees in the department of risk management.


Delayed payment

Additional security measure for our customers is the delayed order payment until delivery of the shipment and the expiry of the deadlines for reclamations. Only after it is confirmed that the delivery is made and that no complaint in deadline exists money can be charged from the customer's account. This opens time for all control points to pass to ensure customer satisfaction.


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